Wedding Shopping In Delhi

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In India, weddings are grand affairs with people spending a fortune on them. From food, decorations, lodgings, gifts to clothing, everything goes overboard. Actually, there is no limit to the amount which people spend on these lavish affairs running for 2-3 days. And with the rising trend for a destination wedding, the industry is booming. People are going to Thailand, Bhutan, Turkey, Bali and other exotic locations for the wedding. They are grand affairs where people have a gala time.

One of the most important parts of the Indian wedding has been shopping. Elaborate and heavy outfits are worn by the bride and groom, with the costs sometimes running in lakhs. Entire trousseau for the bride is bought. The shopping starts months before the D-day and the whole family is part of the shopping sprees. The shopping is not confined to your local city. People travel to different parts of the country so that they can get the best of everything. Initially, Kolkatta, Benaras, and Rajasthan were the preferred destination for wedding shopping. But now we see a change with Delhi emerging as the winner. So what is the reason for Delhi becoming popular amongst wedding shoppers?

1. A few years back wedding shopping was all about sarees and lehengas – the traditional Indian wear. But now tastes and trends have changed with people opting for trendy shararas, palazzos, gowns, stitched sarees, etc. The traditional artisans are not so good at fusion wear. The new upcoming designers are raking in the moolah and they are mostly based in Delhi. So next-gen shoppers prefer to come to Delhi to get their hands on the latest designs and styles.

2. In places like Jaipur, Kolkatta, and Mumbai, shopping is all spread out. Shops dealing in bridal wear are located in different areas of the city. It is not easy to hop from one location to another because of distances and traffic. In Delhi, we have markets where shops can be found in clusters. Shahpur Jat, Chandni Chowk, Qutub, Rajouri Garden are commercial hubs where you have numerous shops catering to your needs. Each market caters to a particular budget segment. If you want high-end, designer stuff, you head to Qutub area and if you are looking for more reasonable options, there is Rajouri Garden and Chandni Chowk. So it becomes easy to compare and make a decision.

3. The central location of Delhi makes it convenient for people to come from all over India and shop – North, East, and West. The capital city is very well-connected to all parts of the country, making it easily accessible to everyone. Even Non-resident Indians find it convenient to shop in Delhi as most international flights land either in Delhi or Mumbai.

4. There are numerous bridal exhibitions taking place all over the year where designers and artisans from all over India come to exhibit their products. It may be time of Teej, Diwali or wedding season, you can find countless exhibitions taking part in all parts of Delhi. The crowd and shopping there is seen to be believed. Seeing Delhi become a shopping hub, all big names have their outlets in Delhi now, making it convenient for the wedding shoppers.

5. Indian weddings are all about the bling and no one can beat Delhiites in being extravagant. Mumbai and Kolkatta focus on elegance and designs whereas Delhi knows how to be jazzy. Though to be honest, now we can see lots of subtle offerings in the shops making it suitable for all tastes.

So if you are planning a wedding and want to go on a shopping spree, you know where to head. And if you are shopping in Delhi, don’t miss out on the amazing street food. Even if you are traveling India for the first time, you won’t have any problems as long as you follow some basic norms.

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